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Kashinath Biography | Kashinath Online Profile

Kashinath Biography | Kashinath Online Profile

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Kashinath is an actor and a director in the Kannada Film Industry in India, generally known in the industry as a trend setter. He probably started the trend of acting, directing, music directing and the producing of films. He stunned not just the film industry but also the audience through the success of films, because of his unconventional (some would call even tag it 'weird') looks, dialogue delivery and style of movie making (hard to find a citation for this but most people in the industry accept this when interviewed).[citation needed] Not only did he make popular movies but he also opened doors for other promising directors like Upendra, Manohar and Sunil Kumar Desai. He is known for giving chances to youngsters who have made names in Kannada Film Industry and beyond. He is known to have an exceptional eye for talent, a trait acknowledged by his well established disciples (Upendra, Manohar, Sunil Kumar Desai to name a few).

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