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M. N. Nambiar Biography | M. N. Nambiar Online Profile

M. N. Nambiar Biography | M. N. Nambiar Online Profile

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M. N. Nambiar ( (Tamil: எம். என். நம்பியார்)(Malayalam: എം എന്‍ നമ്പ്യാര്‍‍‍)(born Manjeri Narayanan Nambiar 7 March 1919 — 19 November 2008) was a film actor in Tamil cinema and had been in the film industry for more than 50 years. Born on 7 March 1919 in Cherukunnu, Kannur in a Nambiar family of Uthara Malabar, he moved to live with his sister in Ooty. He became interested in acting when he was 13 and he joined Nawab Rajamanikkam's troupe. From then on acting became the only thing that occupied him. His first film was 'Bhaktha Ramadoss', shot in 1935 in Hindi and Tamil, where he played a villain. Though he started as a hero but started donning the role of a villain - so much so that today his name is almost eponymous with the Kollywood villain. Nambiar has worked with seven generations of actors from Balaiyah to Manoj (Bharathiraaja's son).

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